Maintaining high visibility lawns is not such a simple task. It is more than just mowing regularly or leaf clean up in the fall. It sometimes involves pulling the thatch out of your turf from time to time, aeration of the soil to deal with high traffic areas of compaction, or to just simply provide better air, water, and nutrients to flow through the soil better. Sometimes overseeding is needed to deal with grass that has thinned out due to winter kill, age, drought, or dog urine. Scheduled fertilizer and or weed control treatments to keep your lawn green and healthy and kill off any noxious weeds that may settle in to your turf from time to time.

Here at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE, we offer excellent lawn services for Fargo/Moorhead and the Lakes Area residents. Give us a call to get scheduled for any of our services we offer, or for a free estimate and recommendation on what it would take to get your yard looking lush, and healthy.

We Offer Excellent Lawn Services For Fargo/Moorhead & Lakes Area Residents!

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Here at Chips Clips Lawn Care and Snow Removal, we offer excellent lawn services for
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