Fertilization at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal

Fertilization is one of the most important aspects of gardening, and our professionals will have access to some of the best varieties. Our experts will know what kinds of fertilizer to use, and will be able to get the most out of it. Our formulas consist mainly of three ingredients: a nitrogen-based, phosphorus free fertilizer, a family-friendly broad leaf weed killer, and iron to deepen the color of your lawn.

Two app program:

Two applications are applied in the spring (May) and fall (October). These applications kill dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds at a time during the season that is most effective. If your desire is to keep the main weeds on your property to a minimum, this plan could be right for you. The downside to this plan is that it leaves a 3-month window where weeds can re-germinate in your lawn. The 2nd application will take care of any weeds that have come back around during the summer. If you become concerned about the weeds in between the time your next application is to be done, we can come in and apply another application at your request.

Three app program:

This is our most popular program. The 3 applications are applied in the spring, mid summer, and then again in the fall. This plan adds a mid summer application that will ensure more uniformed results through-out the season.

Four app program:

The 4 applications are applied around May 1st, June 15th, Aug 1st, Sept 15th. This plan is designed for the client who is committed to watering and is looking for continuous weed control and fertilization throughout the season.

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