Mowing Service at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal

Lawn Care Service in Moorhead, MN

A landscaping contractor from our professional staff can bring your property to life. We are a lawn care service business you can trust. If you are not sure quite where to start, we offer several examples of past work we have done and are happy to help with initial ideas that you can later tailor as you please.

For our mowing services, we use top notch Walker mowers. Walkers mowers offer one of the best cuts and striping technique in the business. We bag, trim, and blow all grass clippings off from your sidewalks, driveways, and entryways. We offer other services as well like, tree/shrub pruning, aeration, dethatching, fertilization/weed control, edging, and other lawn care services to get your yard looking the great for the spring, summer, and fall.

Call Chips's Clips Lawncare and Snow Removal today at 701-541-3261. We are serving the Fargo/Moorhead area, Dilworth, Glyndon, Hawley, Audubon, Lake Park, & Detroit Lakes. We carefully train our specialists and provide the best service in the area.

Aeration at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal

Aeration in Moorhead, MN

Lawns that have a high level of traffic may have moss plants that signal compaction. In this case, our team can use lawn care aeration to solve the problem. The goal of any aeration is to get air into the soil, loosening up clay and compaction. This improves drainage and bioactivity, and should help bring about better soil structure and deeper rooted, healthier grass. Core aerating machines attempt to do this by removing plugs of grass and soil.

Lawn maintenance service may also vary depending on if it is a residential or commercial property, location weather or seasonal patterns, and you’re overall landscaping. Our company specializes in full service lawn care services to give you that thick turf with vibrant color or keep your natural lawn looking well-kept. In promoting a healthy growing lawn environment, our specialists are trained to know the formulated balance of nutrients, minerals, and slow release fertilizers. Call CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal today and let our professionals beautify your yard.

Shrub & Tree Pruning at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal

Shrub & Tree Pruning in Moorhead, MN

In addition to lawn care, CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal offers shrub pruning to those in the area. We know that keeping your shrubs properly trimmed is important when it comes to the look of your landscaping. When the branches of a tree get too big, they can create a lot of problems. Pruning is nevessary to maintain a healthy, vigorous tree or shurb. Specifically, pruning is practiced to:

  • Maintain or reduce plant size. Pruning can prevent a plant from overgrowing its space in the landscape and eliminates the need for drastic cutting of crowded, overgrown plants. It cann allow for growth of plants under or adjacent to the pruned plant. It can also servce to reduce leaf area on newly planted trees and shrubs. This promotes survival through transplanting and consequent root loss.
  • Remove undesirable growth. Pruning can encourage plant vigor through the removal of weak, overcrowded growth. Such thinning often improves the visual balance or symmetry of the plant.
  • Remove dead, diseased, or broken branches. Pruning will aid in maintaining the shape, vigor, and health of the plant. This will prevent the need for shrub or tree removal further down the road.
  • Stimulate flowering and fruiting. Removal of the current year's old, faded flowers and fruit clusters will promote flower buds for the following seasons.
  • Rejuvinate and restore old plants to vigorous growth. Proper pruning can restore a youthful, natural growth habit in certain overgrown shrubs.
  • Prevent damage to life and property. Pruning can minimize the hazard of limbs interfering with power lines or overgrowing structures. It can also remove weak crotches before limbs break in strong winds and open blocked sight lines caused by overhanging limbs at driveways or street corners.

Fertilization at CHIPS CLIPS LAWN CARE and Snow Removal

Fertilization is one of the most important aspects of gardening, and our professionals will have access to some of the best varieties. Our experts will know what kinds of fertilizer to use, and will be able to get the most out of it. Our formulas consist mainly of three ingredients: a nitrogen-based, phosphorus free fertilizer, a family-friendly broad leaf weed killer, and iron to deepen the color of your lawn.

Two app program:

Two applications are applied in the spring (May) and fall (October). These applications kill dandelions and other broad-leaf weeds at a time during the season that is most effective. If your desire is to keep the main weeds on your property to a minimum, this plan could be right for you. The downside to this plan is that it leaves a 3-month window where weeds can re-germinate in your lawn. The 2nd application will take care of any weeds that have come back around during the summer. If you become concerned about the weeds in between the time your next application is to be done, we can come in and apply another application at your request.

Three app program:

This is our most popular program. The 3 applications are applied in the spring, mid summer, and then again in the fall. This plan adds a mid summer application that will ensure more uniformed results through-out the season.

Four app program:

The 4 applications are applied around May 1st, June 15th, Aug 1st, Sept 15th. This plan is designed for the client who is committed to watering and is looking for continuous weed control and fertilization throughout the season.

Residential Snow Removal

Here at Chip's Clips Lawncare, we are offering contracts, or per time service. Residential snow removal contracts starting at 720$ for the year Dec 1 - April 15. Snow event is after 1 inch or more recorded by local weather data. Snow that reaches 4-6 inches is charged 1.5x the normal rate, snow that reaches 6.1-8 is charged 2x the normal rate. 5yrs experience professional, reliable, commercial equipment (walker zero turns with 2 stage blowers on the front, and john deere tractors with throwers on the front).

Running multiple machines, so mechanical breakdowns are not a complete shut down on the operation. No heavy plow blades or skid steer buckets that are gonna gouge and mark your lawns and driveways.

Snow removal of all parts of the Driveway, front sidewalks, and front walkways, as well as in front of hydrants and mailboxes when needed for residential clients.

Neighbor discounts available also!

Commercial Snow Removal

Snow plow services available as well for all your parking lot needs. Snow event is after 2 inches or more recorded by local weather data. Snow that reaches 4-6 inches is charged 1.5x the normal rate, snow that reaches 6.1-8 is charged 2x the normal rate. 8.1-9.9 is charged 2.5x the normal rate, and 10+ inches is charges 3x the normal rate.

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